Welcome to the Central Western Firemen's Association, Inc., here and after referred to as the C.W.F.A. The C.W.F.A. is a non-profit, tax-exempt organization.


The C.W.F.A. is made up of Fire Departments, Emergency Medical Service (EMS) organizations, Rescue companies, Hazardous Material departments, private businesses affiliated with public service or the desire to be affiliated with fire and EMS organizations, throughout Central and Western Ohio and Western Indiana.


One of the C.W.F.A.'s major goals is to create and maintain a brotherly and fraternal feeling by banding together volunteer, paid-on-call, part-time and full-time Fire, Rescue, EMS, public safety education, and public safety personnel.


The C.W.F.A. regularly holds an annual Conference, holds regular business meetings, hosts a bi-annual fire/EMS training school, maintains By-laws for the C.W.F.A. membership and gives each member of the C.W.F.A. an opportunity to join the C.W.F.A. Charity Fund.  This years conference is July 28th & 29th in Versailles, Ohio!!


The Charity Fund is basically a life insurance policy for it's members in the event of a line-of-Duty or Department / C.W.F.A. social function death of a Charity Fund Member.


The C.W.F.A. asks you to look over this web site and see the many benefits we can provide to our members and feel free to contact us at CWFAOHIO@CWFAOHIO.COM as we are always looking for new or re-joining members.